Xpresss Boxes

How we helped Xpress Boxes grow.

Our partnership with dotboost proved nothing but a great success for us.



Xpressboxes has been active as an online business company for many years and now their main goal is to improve and expand their business.

With clients that process more than 100 orders/day using multiple servers and cluster architecture, XpressBoxes absorbed the wisdom that only comes from repeatedly solving challenges that face enterprises building reliable, secure and high-availability websites and web services.

Xpressboxes is the one stop shop for moving supplies that can dramatically simplify the process of moving. This company purchases large quantities of boxes so they can suit every client's need. Whether it's a large or small move, personal or business, Xpressboxes focuses on simplifying the moving and storage process for the millions of people who move every year.

The Challenge

They needed a professional framework which had long term support and an able company behind it.

They needed to support multiple databases easily.

They needed PHP components they had built to be used more extensively.

They needed a new design and easy-to-use features.

The Process

Due to the fact that the DotBoost team was in charge with building the XpressBoxes site in the first place, the whole process went effortlessly. Originally, XpressBoxes needed a new design and up-to-date features, so choosing a code base that was well documented and easily understood by a large community of developers was the obvious solution. PHP 5, DotKernel and Zend Framework provided the perfect fit for rebuilding XpressBoxes. After going through a number of possible solutions for changing XpressBoxes into a much more professional solution, DotBoost came up with the idea to implement DotCart, a dedicated ecommerce engine, built on DotKernel and Zend Framework.

The DotBoost team went with PHP 5, DotKernel and Zend Framework to provide them with an extremely simple, objected-oriented and flexible solution that encapsulates best practices which would result in a very rapid development of enterprise-grade web applications.

The solution adopted by DotBoost resulted in a great success. The DotBoost team managed to implement new features and new web services without any downtime or disruption. The whole project was completed earlier than the specified deadline.

"We are delighted with the work dotboost made for us.
The whole process was smooth as they are excellent communicators, they understood our problems and created a solution for our vision of the future."

The keyword for making this project 100% running is Efficiency. Its success is also due to the two main benefits that have contributed to the Xpressboxes expansion:
- DotKernel is a simplified MVC architecture that is very easy to learn by beginner and intermediate level programmers and that eliminated the complexity of Zend Framework by using a different approach to how the web requests are handled. DotKernel's main benefit and efficiency is in the fact that it only uses the necessary classes from Zend Framework.
- Zend Framework benefits both development team and their e-commerce clients because it provides:
* Widespread community support - this also applies to new staff, because it's easier to find developers that are already familiar with Zend Framework.
* An object-orientated code library that provides a simple and fluid transition to web services with heavy data usage.
* A 'use at will' architecture because flexibility is an important part of the Zend Framework design and this philosophy continues to guide the easy-to-use, user-friendly design and modular nature of future enhancements as well.

The Results/ Conclusions

The XpressBoxes project built an expanded standard e-commerce platform with DotKernel and Zend Framework that is reliable, secure and engineered for performance. XpressBoxes is just one of the success stories written on DotBoost's portfolio among many others. DotBoost is also proud to have succeeded in implementing its own web application, DotKernel, and to solve client's demands promptly and efficiently.

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