A success story. We like to think we also played our role in this.

Julian and his team have been top notch in getting all of our development done on a timely basis as well as handling all on-going support and customer issues. I know I can always count on them to pull me through whenever I need them.

Mark Roth


The main idea about this service was developed by Mark Roth, who started his business with Offer Vault in late 2007, the project being launched in 2008.

Every day, millions of people are searching for offers from all around the world, are testing different offers from different countries using Proxy, hoping to find something suitable for their own business ideas.

Through the use of keywords, the Offer Vault interface compiles a list of relevant offers from member networks.
As an affiliate marketer, the number of available choices can seem formidable, but by employing Offer Vault, this job can be simpler than it seems at first.

The Challenge

Denmar Management owns and operates the tool used only by members and affiliates to easily locate their offers and their payout from different networks. The website grew to host roughly 39.000 offers from around 110 affiliate networks and generated millions of keywords per section, but their version of the script language used to crash a lot and the site lacked a strategic architecture for future growth.

So, to facilitate day-to-day search requests from network affiliates, marketers and members, Offer Vault looked to expand and improve the site functionality. Originally, Offer Vault had its own business plan, but shortly found itself with a workable, yet not an optimal solution for a bright and persisting future.

The Process

The DotBoost team chose to start with implementing new features and that meant replacing the webinar module, followed by generating new keywords in order to facilitate the search feature, making a Proxy module to enable access to worldwide offers though a simple connection and, lastly, implementing a tool that shows the newest Demographic Statistics.

Even minor changes can bring about challenges with important results. After one and a half years of work on this project, DotBoost encountered their first issue. It became obvious that programming on the old version of the script made the entire project less stable, thus slowing down the development progression, making teamwork unmanageable, and also causing frequent crashes. Thus, the project needed a new architecture.

Luckly, DotBoost was developing its own framework for several years, based entirely on Zend Framework. The improved DotKernel enterprise architecture was ready to be applied to Offer Vault. This resulted in a vast improvement on teamwork, especially when more than 1 person works on the project at the same time. DotBoost uses SVN intensively (a software version and a revision control system) as development tool, which had a huge impact not only on the team but on the entire project as well.

  • Since DotBoost adopted DotKernel as the site's main architecture, the implementation of other tools and features was greatly improved. DotBoost started by introducing a database stored procedure - a method to improve the response time in order to display search results in real time. In addition, they provided technical documentation for the site and well-defined information on the structure of database tables.

    Over two years of working on the Offer Vault project, the DotBoost team was able to focus thoroughly on reducing traffic load on the site, building new features like an easier way to access the advanced search feature and adding various modules like Proxy offers, fast networks and helpful webinar pages.

  • "We've seen a huge progress right about when Dotboost rewrote the script language and adopted their efficient framework based on a new version of PHP and Zend Framework. That was the time when everything they've done in a year and a half on the old script language, paid off in DotKernel in only six months of working."

    Mark Roth

Results/ Conclusions

Offer Vault was a complex project to work on which required intensive work, incredible attention and most importantly it confirmed that the clients and programmers in change of the project had a strong and costant communication, a vital component for efficient and professional ways to handle any technical issues or implementation challenges. We consider that Offer Vault gave us the chance not only to demonstrate our programming skills over two years spent on working on this project, but also offered us the chance to gauge and to improve our experience and knowledge of PHP, Zend Framework and our in-house platforms and frameworks like DotKernel.

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