We Employ Zend Certified Engineers

About Us

We are a software consulting and development company dedicated to excellency.

We founded dotboost in 2005. Through the years we've helped many organizations meet their business goals by providing high quality solutions.
Complex problems (we love those) require creative solutions and we take pride in the fact that we encountered many of them and found solutions for each and every one. Our approach involves adopting an iterative process that improves the project as a whole.

We settled upon PHP as our main platform and by maintaining our focus over the years we became experts in this field.

Reasons to work with us

We are good communicators and we are easy to work with.
We are open, up front, honest, professional and our solutions are top of the line.

  • We think strategically

    We understand the Business of the Web, we know what works and what doesn’t

    A correct analysis of your current status and a plan for the immediate and long-term future of your project will insure success. Our experience over the years has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We are not here just to build a solution for you that works right now, but also to provide a structure for the effective implementation and future transformation of that solution.

  • Our team's experience

    Being so deeply dedicated to our job/passion, we are confident of a positive outcome for your project.

    Every problem we solved, every new project we finished has made us grow as a team and as individuals. We arrived to a point where we can say that our vast experience is one of the reasons you should choose us. Most of our developers are ZCE (Zend Certified Engineers) with several years of experience and are familiar with the most efficient design architecture and coding practices required for tomorrow’s enterprise-level applications.

  • We offer only top solutions

    We started this business with a goal in our minds: to always offer the best possible solution!

    Every problem has more than one solution. It requires creativity, knowledge and experience to figure out the best approach when several options are available. Depending on your history, current status and future goals, we will figure out a strategy and implement the best technical solution for you.

  • We love a good challenge

    We see more than the challenge, we see the potential for innovation

    As awkward as it might sound we love complex problems. That is one of the main reasons we show up at the office (another one would be internal table tennis championship, but that’s a different story). We love tackling complex projects because it gives us the chance to creatively explore the possibilities and figure out new and better ways of doing things.

  • We use good technologies

    Over the years we developed an internal tool to help us work better and faster. Seeing that it proved successful for us, we decide to share it to the world.

    We got to a certain point in our journey when we needed to have an internal framework that would act as a standard for all team members, so that projects can be carried out more efficiently. It needed to be simple and comprehensive enough to reduce the learning curve for our junior developer and also versatile enough to build highly complex solutions. We created DOTKERNEL, passed it through rigorous internal testing and it ultimately became the backbone of our software development. After a while we decided that it would be a good idea to share it and let others use it freely, thus also giving us the feed-back from real-world projects to develop it further.

  • We have an honor code

    We adopted a professional code of ethics that acts as a guide in our day to day experiences with clients

    We will act consistently with the public interest.
    We will act in a manner that is in the best interests of our clients consistent with the public interest.
    We will ensure that their products and related modifications meet the highest professional standards possible.
    We will maintain integrity and independence in our professional judgment.
    We subscribe to and promote an ethical approach to the management of software development and maintenance.